Canada Post Address Verification

Canada Post Address Verification Is Important for Fewer Returns and Missed Deliveries

For a clear understanding of how valuable the right Canada post address verification solution is, consider two specific scenarios. One involves marketing, and the other involves eCommerce. For both, postal address verification could prove to be the difference between success and failure. An excellent way to manage your costs while growing your business is by …

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address standardization

What Address Management Software Can Do For Your Business

In English there is often a number of ways to say the same thing. If you were to combine all of those valid ways of saying something with potential spelling/typing errors, punctuation errors, grammar errors etc.; it’s a wonder how we understand the written word at all. Just like in modern languages, one address can …

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Canada Post address validation

Good Address In, Bad Address Out?

There are a number of reasons you should consider having your mailing addresses checked before they reach your customer contact database. Don’t assume that once your addresses are accurate and conform to Canada Post standards that those same addresses won’t change sometime later on. On average month over month Canada Post’s address database changes by …

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Exaggerated software claims

If you’ve already spoken to some address correction vendors you might have heard claims that their software can increase the amount of mail that is deliverable. We’re going to walk through what happens when Canada Post gets an invalid address and its ultimate destination. By the time we’re done I am hoping you will understand …

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