Canada Post Address Validation system

5 Benefits of Having an Address Validation System

Before deciding if a real-time address validation system is what you need, it would help to have some idea as to what it is. Take the Canada Post Address Validation system as a perfect example. Imagine yourself going to the post office or stopping a mailman to ask, “Is this address real?” In simple terms, …

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Canada Post Address Validation System

Save Time & Money With a Canada Post Address Validation System

One of the quickest ways to lose valuable customers is by not delivering goods on time. While this applies to many scenarios, it’s an especially critical problem for online merchants. After all, most people shop via the internet because it’s convenient and fast. Without utilizing a viable Canada post address validation system, a business could …

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Canada Post address validation

How to Avoid the High Cost Due to Bad Addresses

Talk about a frightening statistic. According to both the Harvard Business Review and Forbes magazine, bad customer data costs trillions of dollars every year. Although this affects large corporations, it has an even more devastating impact on small to mid-size businesses. Fortunately, there’s a viable solution. Address validation software will save you money while ensuring …

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address geolocation

How Google Maps Can Be Used to Validate Addresses

If you want to make a good, lasting impression on your customers, it’s imperative that you have accurate and up-to-date addresses on them. One misstep of sending marketing information or merchandise to a wrong destination is all it takes to lose a valuable customer. With the right address geolocation solution, you can quickly and easily …

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Identifying Duplicate Listings with Address Standardization

Whether you are mass mailing as part of a marketing campaign, sending coupons to current and prospective customers, notifying clients of an additional location opening for your business, or delivering products purchased online, it is imperative to have a list of accurate addresses. The best way to ensure the information in your database is 100 …

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