address correction software

Importance of Address Verification for Your Business

As much as 26 percent of data gathered and used by organizations is inaccurate. That statistic shows why businesses need a viable address solution. Using the top-rated address correction software in Canada can help you bring your customer data up-to-date. Best of all, you don’t have to do anything manually since the address correction software …

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Canada Address Verification

Minimize Undeliverable Mail with Canada Address Verification Software

Canada address verification software benefits companies of all sizes and industries. It also accomplishes multiple goals, such as ensuring that marketing mailers reach their intended target and consumers receive goods purchased through an eCommerce site. The challenge is a lot of companies change addresses, open additional locations, and even go out of business. In looking …

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Identifying Duplicate Listings with Address Standardization

Whether you are mass mailing as part of a marketing campaign, sending coupons to current and prospective customers, notifying clients of an additional location opening for your business, or delivering products purchased online, it is imperative to have a list of accurate addresses. The best way to ensure the information in your database is 100 …

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Address Correction Software

Using Address Correction Software to Save Time Cleaning Customer Information

In Canada, experts believe that most customer databases contain inaccurate information, whether the business name, physical address, email address, or phone number. According to one business-to-business data quality index, up to 40 percent of all customer databases contain “bad” information. That’s why you need the proper address correction software. Also, as much as 15 percent …

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Address Validation

Importance of Address Validation and Standardization For Your Business

Address validation and standardization helps marketers and database managers overcome a wide range of obstacles they may encounter when data mining, merging and identifying duplicate records.

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