Why Choose Prism Data Services?

Prism Data Services has been Canada’s leading provider of address management solutions for over thirty years.

Originally contracted by the Canadian Government in 1983 to design the first automated postal coding system, Prism Data Services has remained at the forefront of address management in Canada, developing the most innovative, feature-rich, and affordable solutions for a wide variety of Canadian businesses and organizations.

Today, Prism Data Services offers solutions in mainframe, PC and Unix environments with a suite of desktop and server-based solutions.

Specializing in the Canadian market, Prism Data Services is your one-stop solution for all your Canadian address management, mail sortation, and address standardization needs.  

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“For several years we have successfully used StampIT! in conjunction with our own data repair software. Before purchasing StampIT!, we conducted tests on several products – and chose Stampit!”

– Rich Farr, Data Manager Ltd