What Address Management Software Can Do For Your Business

By admin on August 20, 2018 in address correction

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In English there is often a number of ways to say the same thing. If you were to combine all of those valid ways of saying something with potential spelling/typing errors, punctuation errors, grammar errors etc.; it’s a wonder how we understand the written word at all.

Just like in modern languages, one address can be written in a hundred different ways with or without mistakes, yet still be completely understandable and deliverable by the postal service.

With a pretty low risk of not getting delivered are there any drawbacks to having the flexibility to make mistakes and/or being creative with your addressing? Well, not unless you introduce other objectives, such as getting the mail delivered in the most effective and fastest means; or you have other uses for your client addresses such as merging them with other files or databases or identifying duplicate records.

For a human it is easy to figure out that the phrase “the flies in the soup” is simply a mistyping of “the fly’s in the soup”. For computers, these are two different phrases. If you want to do anything more than simply printing the addresses from your database onto envelopes, you will require a sophisticated way of correcting and standardizing your addresses correction and address standardization. This is where address correction and standardization and correction software comes in to play.

Address correction and standardization software can decipher the information from the address you present it, fix up all of the spelling mistakes, typos, missing information and punctuation problems and present the address back in a standard, usable format. Superior packages can also supply you with both a standardized address for comparisons and a more personable address for your marketing literature (with things like French accents when available and proper case) such as 3 Route Troisième instead of “3 RTE TROISIEME”.

Not standardizing and cleaning your addresses has another undesirable effect. These days Canada Post has sophisticated multi-line OCR (optical character reader) scanners that can read addresses from mail pieces and group the mail into downstream stations. As sophisticated as they are, if your addresses aren’t in top shape the OCR scanner adds a new dimension that compounds existing problems. The adage “to err is human, to really foul things up requires a computer” stands true. At best you risk mail spending far too long being delivered, at worse you risk having your mail undelivered or even delivered to someone other than was intended – for businesses dealing with sensitive information, this can be a major concern.

Address management programs don’t only play an important role in your written, physical communication with your customers. Good address management software also helps with common database maintenance needs such as identifying and eliminating duplicates and merging multiple files. Furthermore, address management programs save businesses with costly and timely errors that could have been easily avoided. This is done through correcting, verifying, standardizing and cleaning the address database. Implementing address management software into your business ensures that this information is stored and cleaned from the beginning; thus reducing risk and preventing future errors.


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