Using Address Correction Software to Save Time Cleaning Customer Information

By admin on October 17, 2018 in address correction

Address Correction Software

In Canada, experts believe that most customer databases contain inaccurate information, whether the business name, physical address, email address, or phone number. According to one business-to-business data quality index, up to 40 percent of all customer databases contain “bad” information. That’s why you need the proper address correction software.

Also, as much as 15 percent of databases contain duplicated data, 11 percent have invalid values and formats, 8 percent have missing fields, and 6 percent do not have the correct email or brick and mortar addresses. Marketing experts who participated in another study said that 80 percent of phone contact information is “risky.”

There is a long list of reasons organizations struggle to maintain an accurate customer database. For example, with high demand, some companies do not have the time or resources available to stay on top of frequent changes. Another reason has to do with inexperienced or careless employees who make mistakes when entering the data.

Whether an existing or prospective customer moves to a different location, changes its name, or closes its doors, it is easy to see why address correction software in Canada is so vital. Consider some of the consequences of not using address correction automation for your business in Canada.

  • Poor Marketing – If even 25 percent of the information in your customer database is wrong, you could expect to receive a significant number of marketing mailers back. Those returns equate to a lot of wasted money spent on postage, not to mention all the time your employees spent addressing envelopes.
  • No or Late Product Delivery – If you have an eCommerce business, your driver would struggle to deliver merchandise purchased by a customer. Whether that individual cannot make the delivery or the package arrives late, you end up with a dissatisfied customer.

Regardless of the size or industry of your business, you need cutting-edge address correction software. You have worked too hard to build a successful business for non-deliverable items to cause failure. What if you could use one product to standardize, verify, and clean the addresses in your customer database, leaving you with nothing but accurate information? Fortunately, you can.

With improved data hygiene, you will notice enhanced efficiency. The best address correction software in Canada catches missing, misspelled, and incorrect details that would cause a return of mailers or merchandise and embarrass your business. Also, the right software will ensure your company remains compliant with Canadian laws about the protection of data and electronic marketing efforts. Most importantly, you have the opportunity to strengthen relationships with the customers you currently serve and better target leads.

Count on Prism Data

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