Match Canada Post Standards: Fast and Accurate Canada Post Address Verification

"I know I need to make my addresses acceptable by Canada Post standards but I like a more personable look than the standard block upper case, accentless addresses that always come out of address correction systems."

StampIT! can do both; correct your address to meet Canada Post standards and make it look personable. StampIT! has a host of specifications that allow to perform postal address verification while putting the data in a format you prefer. Some of these features include allowing you to ask for proper case addresses, accented addresses (even based on a user defined language field), your preferred suite keyword and leaving street types spelled in full and more!

For the government as well as multiple industries including eCommerce, IT, retail, and marketing, using a system for Canada post address verification that provides results in real time is of tremendous value. At Prism Data, we offer Canada post software capable of accomplishing exactly that for an affordable price. If you need a postal address verification solution with pinpoint accuracy and lightning speed, we can help.

Our Canada post address validation system reduces stress by saving you time, resources, and money. Our StampIT! Canada post software can process batches up to 6 plus million per hour; it is SERP-Certified; and it yields detailed yet easy-to-read reporting. Our postal address verification system at even includes personalized databases on an industry-by-industry basis.

For a streamlined method of validating addresses, we invite you to book a free consultation or call to speak with a company representative about your requirements.

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Opti Q

Opti Q is the ultimate mail sortation system for obtaining the maximum allowable discounts from Canada Post!

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LocateIT! is a comprehensive address management facility that integrates mailing addresses with physical addresses.

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StampIT! is the most powerful Canadian address management solution on the market today.

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