Address Standardization

"I need to standardize the addresses in my database so I can match them with an internal or external data source"

Need to match two or more data sources? StampIT! is the perfect solution. First, StampIT! provides a unique address code for every address in Canada which can be used to ensure you are not duplicating addresses. Secondly, with StampIT! you describe what each source looks like and how each source should look like when complete. Simply leave the output definitions the same for each data source and you can easily merge the files together, regardless of the original format!

Prism Data – Reliable Address Standardization

At Prism Data, we revolutionized address standardization. Among the various products that we offer is StampIT!, a cutting-edge address code solution. Even if your current database consists of multiple formats, this address standardization tool is the perfect way to merge files. Especially when working on a marketing campaign, you want materials to reach prospective clients, so it is imperative for your team to work from a clean database, one void of duplicate addresses.

Superior Address Standardization in Canada

StampIT!, a state-of-the-art solution for address standardization in Canada, will provide you with a unique code for virtually every address in the country. Not only do you avoid issues pertaining to duplicate addresses, but you can also match your database to an internal or external data source. Reach your intended audience by utilizing our address standardization tool.

Our Products

Opti Q

Opti Q is the ultimate mail sortation system for obtaining the maximum allowable discounts from Canada Post!

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LocateIT! is a comprehensive address management facility that integrates mailing addresses with physical addresses.

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StampIT! is the most powerful Canadian address management solution on the market today.

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