“Within the Ontario Government, we’ve been running Prism’s software in our production environment for over 5 years. We standardize on their StampIt! Engine and Canada Post files for address validation. The validation produces an error report which we use to reconcile back to our system for address corrections. StampIt! is a great solution that’s really helped us when corresponding with taxpayers.”

– David Johnson, Ontario Ministry of Government Services

“For several years we have successfully used StampIT! in conjunction with our own data repair software. Before purchasing StampIT!, we conducted tests on several products – and chose StampIT! “

– Rich Farr, Data Manager Ltd

“We purchased Prism’s self-hosted software solution to use in our business information division. The software is powerful and the support, expertise and instant advice provided by Prism’s customer support team was excellent. As a result, we were able to start using the software immediately. “

– Hugh Owen, CEO, Macraes’s

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