Opti Q is the ultimate mail sortation system for obtaining the maximum allowable discounts from Canada Post!

With one package for all Canadian Incentive Mail types and unsurpassed speed, Opti Q allows you to maximize your postage discounts, optimize your mail streams and prepare your mail for certification. And best of all, it’s easy to install anywhere within the mail processing stream.

  • Bundles & sequences to best fit groupings
  • Easy to Integrate into most major MVS print stream packages
  • Operates on Z/OS mainframes and Windows® and a number of Unix and Linux environments
  • Produces all required Canada Post documentation
  • Statement of Mailing
  • Bag & Bundle summaries
  • Bundle labels
  • Container Tags and separators
  • Calculates postage, total weight and include applicable taxes
  • 3 Methods of bundle/bag or separator/container breaking and identification
  • Extremely flexible input and output File Specifications
  • Completely Parameter driven with intelligent parameter edits to help ensure that accidents don’t happen
  • Maintains header detail file structures
  • Nth Select intelligence function that can optimized incentive rates

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