LocateIT! is a comprehensive address management facility that integrates mailing addresses with physical addresses.


With parcel delivery becoming more and more popular, today’s address management strategies require more than just the information of the post office. Couriers just can’t deliver to PO BOX 3000. LocateIT! combines every mailing address and physical address in Canada to give the most comprehensive result.

  • Identify if an address is a mailing address, a physical address or both.
  • Batch Processing; up to 6+ million per hour!
  • Generate distance information from a single location or have the software pick the closest location to your client’s data.
  • Divide a database into sales territories, or nearest store/distribution centre without effort.

Prism Data – Trusted Address Geolocation Service

Prism Data, the leading provider of address management solutions for customers throughout Canada, has a 30-year history of surpassing the customer’s expectations. As part of our full assortment of services, we offer an accurate, reliable, and affordable address geolocation service. Complete with address mapping, you never have to worry about packages, marketing materials, and other mailers missing the mark.

Street Address Lookup

With only a few clicks, you can find the nearest address to any location. Our innovative postal coding system streamlines the process of address mapping, saving you valuable time. Today, companies of all sizes and industries take advantage of LocateIT!, a fully automated solution that yields outstanding results.

For mainframe, PC, and Unix environments, LocateIT! integrates mailing and physical addresses on your behalf. LocateIT! comes complete with an impressive suite of server and desktop-based options. Make your efforts count with the best address geolocation service available.

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