Identifying Duplicate Listings with Address Standardization

By admin on November 21, 2018 in address validation

Whether you are mass mailing as part of a marketing campaign, sending coupons to current and prospective customers, notifying clients of an additional location opening for your business, or delivering products purchased online, it is imperative to have a list of accurate addresses. The best way to ensure the information in your database is 100 percent correct is with an address standardization solution offered by a reputable company.

Without the most advanced address standardization software, you have no way to check the validity and deliverability of the brick and mortar mailing addresses in your database. After all, companies relocate or close their doors to business all the time. Trying to keep addresses up-to-date manually would prove a monumental task.

Just imagine having your team work hard to get everything out only for a significant number of mailers to come back marked as “non-existent address” or “business unknown.” The same goes for couriers. Unless they have up-to-date information, drivers will spend valuable time driving around aimlessly to bring customers what they ordered without success.

Ultimately, a non-deliverable address wastes a tremendous amount of time, money, and resources, thereby negatively impacting your company’s revenue and its reputation. Fortunately, you have a way to build a database consisting of correct addresses. With the right address standardization software, you can match your database with both an internal and external data source. Utilize the best product for address standardization in Canada, and never miss an opportunity to build your business again.

StampIT! is a trusted and reliable solution. This advanced address standardization software works by delivering a unique code for every address throughout Canada. As a result, you have a viable method of verifying good addresses and identifying duplicates in your database. Although this solution offers many benefits, one is the fact that you describe what each source looks like as well as the way it should look when finished.

Regardless of the original format, all you need to do is leave the output definitions the same for each data source. From there, you simply merge the files. This address standardization solution is easy to use, and it produces results quickly and with accuracy. That means while the software does its job, your team can focus its attention on more pressing matters.

Since the software continually updates addresses, you have the assurance that what you end up with in your database is always accurate. Start planning your next business venture, knowing you have an incredible tool at your disposal. Instead of fighting your database, make it current and allow it to work on your behalf.

Highly Advanced Address Management Solutions

Prism Data is the leading provider of address management solutions in Canada. For the past 30-plus years, we have helped small organizations and large corporations work more efficiently. Regardless of the size of your business or its industry, our feature-rich and affordably priced software is a perfect solution.

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