How to Verify Addresses to Prevent Fraud

By admin on May 28, 2019 in address verification

Canada Post software

Unfortunately, fraudulent acts are a problem for all businesses, regardless of size or industry. When sending merchandise or marketing information, you want to do everything possible to protect your company. Because criminals often use bogus addresses, it’s imperative that you utilize the best Canada Post software available. That way, you have a validation mechanism in place.

With an increase in the number of crimes committed, now is a perfect time to depend on postal address verification software. With that, you have complete confidence that every address in your database is both current and accurate. As a result, both merchandise and marketing material go to a valid location.

When using a Canada Post address verification system from a trusted source, you have one less thing to worry about. The cutting-edge software works by cleansing, correcting, and standardizing addresses before you mail anything out. As a result, your marketing and customer service teams are always working with valid data. The software updates the information frequently and automatically. Because of that, it dramatically reduces the opportunity for fraud.

Another advantage of using Canada Post software is that along with correcting misspellings and inaccuracies, it fills in omitted data. It also standardizes the format of data, so it matches the criteria of the Canada Post. This remarkable solution can help you achieve several additional goals.

With postal address verification software, you can validate internal and external sources in real time. For instance, this system completes an internal validation process within CRM applications, order management systems, call center systems, and more. It also validates customer-facing applications in real time. Included are points of sale and kiosks.

For many different industries as well as government agencies, using Canada Post software offers great value. With the right solution, you can validate an address to 100 percent accuracy. Best of all, the top-of-the-line system is competitively priced. By reducing the risk of fraud, both potential and existing customers develop a greater trust in your organization.

You can even set up an automated schedule, whether you need to validate customer data in bulk or on an ad-hoc basis. Overall, a Canada Post address verification system does it all. In fact, because your teams always work with current and accurate information, you gain a competitive edge.

Optimal Service and Protection

At Prism Data Services, we have an incredible postal address verification system. Overall, you can rely on this software to enhance your operations. At the same time, it can prevent fraudulent acts that could damage your company’s reputation. For information on all our services, please visit our website. If preferred, you can call to speak directly to a company representative about your specific needs. We would love the opportunity to assist you as a valued customer.

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