How Google Maps Can Be Used to Validate Addresses

By admin on February 13, 2019 in address validation

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If you want to make a good, lasting impression on your customers, it’s imperative that you have accurate and up-to-date addresses on them. One misstep of sending marketing information or merchandise to a wrong destination is all it takes to lose a valuable customer. With the right address geolocation solution, you can quickly and easily integrate mailing addresses with physical locations.

For address mapping, a lot of people turn to Google. In response to increased demand from users, Google began to roll out updates to its address geolocation tool in November 2016. With that, people trying to find the nearest address could better distinguish information with their Places APIs and Geocoding.

As part of Google’s address mapping, not only can users search for specific addresses but also general locations. With the changes made, the Geocoding API focuses more on providing users with improved geocoding matches. As a result, they now receive enhanced matching for both unambiguous and complete postal addresses.

However, there is a problem. A lot of people thought if they could find the nearest address in Google Maps, then it existed. Unfortunately, that is incorrect. In reality, the ambiguous or incomplete address queries generated by the Geocoding API and Google Maps provide ambiguous or inaccurate leads. Just because Google returns a potential match doesn’t mean it’s correct.

As a business owner, you can’t afford to guess whether a searched address is accurate or not. Your customers depend on your company to deliver purchased items and marketing materials on time as promised. This is why using an innovative address mapping solution is a much better option.

You need to rely on an address geolocation system that can determine whether an address is for mailing, a physical location, or both. The right system would also have the ability to process massive batches. In addition, superior software can generate distance information based on a single location. It can also automatically find the nearest address according to your customer’s data.

Another important aspect of an address mapping system is customization. Not only would this apply to your industry but also allow you to divide your database into specific sales territories. In fact, you can segregate the closest distribution centre or store if wanted. When doing business with a reputable company with decades of experience, address geolocation will surpass your expectations.

Thanks to a reliable and cost-effective address mapping system, you’ll receive complete and accurate information. Never again do you have to worry about packages or marketing materials reaching the intended target. As a bonus, to find the nearest address, the best software is extremely easy to use. Ultimately, you’ll spend less time and effort to obtain the data you need.

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