How a Street Address Lookup Solution Fixes Undeliverable Mail

By admin on August 30, 2019 in Address Management

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As an individual, having a personal letter returned as undeliverable is annoying. However, as an organization, not having mail delivered could prove costly in more than one way. This is where a street address lookup system comes into play. As a business owner, you definitely need to use trusted postal code lookup software. Regardless of your company’s size or industry, choosing the right solution is imperative.

Unfortunately, the Canada Post receives undeliverable mail every day. Anything with an invalid address falls into this category. Instead of it trying to find the nearest address in an attempt to get the mail to the intended recipient, it sends it back to the original sender. Now, if there’s no return address, the mail becomes dead, meaning it’s ultimately disposed of. As someone working hard to grow a business, that’s a risk you can’t take.

Fortunately, the best street address lookup system fixes problems for you. For starters, when you select a comprehensive address management solution, it works by integrating mailing addresses with physical addresses. As a result, there are fewer incidents of sending out undeliverable mail.

However, the right postal code lookup system is also updated on a frequent and regular basis. Because of that, the information that people like you access is always current and accurate. That means the chance of sending out a piece of mail or parcel only to have it returned as “undeliverable” is slim to none.

Instead of choosing a solution that simply tries to find the nearest address to what you need, it’s essential to depend on one that has exact information. Having a system that combines mailing address and physical addresses is as comprehensive as they come. By having your mail delivered, you have an incredible opportunity to build an even more successful business.

Choosing the best street address lookup system offers plenty of rewards. For one thing, it automatically identifies whether an address is a mailing one, a physical location, or perhaps both. Also, you can conduct batch processing. For instance, if you’re working on a massive marketing campaign that goes to prospects around the globe, you can process more than six million addresses per hour.

In fact, the best postal code lookup system does more than just provide you with accurate addresses. You can actually divide your efforts based on sales territories, distribution centers, or even the nearest stores. All of this happens on your behalf automatically. Just imagine the time and money you’ll save by utilizing this type of software program.

Turn to a Trusted Source

Regardless of how often you send mail or parcels or the quantity involved, it’s vital to rely on a trusted solution. At Prism Data, we have a revolutionary product called LocateIT!. This particular program does everything mentioned and then some. Make your hard work count by utilizing an outstanding street address lookup system.

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